Leah Garza is committed to the full dismantling of society as we know it. It is in that dark vision that she holds the light for new and just ways of being to be born. As an Akashic Records practitioner, she works with people to find transformation and radical beauty in the midst of their trauma and limiting patterns. Leah is a veteran teacher and activist, whose healing practice is centered at the intersection of decoloniality, justice, and narrative re-writes in order to help clients and communities untangle trauma and integrate their innate and eternal power. She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, cat, and about 6,000 vinyl records. 


  • PhD Candidate in Community Liberation Indigenous and Ecophysiology 

  • Master's Degree in Education

  • CA Teaching Credential

  • Advanced ThetaHealing

  • Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner

  • Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner

  • Fluent in English & Conversational Spanish​




I visited Leah at a really low and chaotic point in my life, both externally and internally. I needed a lifeline of some sort and she'd put the word out that she was doing 'readings' of some sort so I thought to myself, 'why not?' What came about during and after the reading is something I could have never anticipated. During our reading, I was able to delve so deep down into my subconscious. It was something so unexpected, as I'd always had great, great difficulties with internal reflection. But what this allowed me to do was to settle into things I didn't even know I had an issue with and also to release guilt and shame I'd been carrying for no reason. The 'lightness' I felt and continue to feel is a gift I'd never realized I needed. I truly thank Leah for opening me up to this and I highly recommend this to anyone but especially to those who feel deep loneliness even in crowds. Being in that room, I actually felt like someone saw me. I'll never forget it. Thank you, Leah.

—  Jay, Los Angeles