Your intuition is your most important and powerful ally in this lifetime and being able to access your innate guidance system is your birthright. However, many of us have lost our connection to it. As members of a society built on patriarchy, white supremacy, and social and legal oppression, our intuition has been colonized. The dominant culture has set up shop in the last possible frontier- our hearts, minds, and intuition. When we trust ourselves over the narrative employed by the patriarchy, we are always led in the right direction, even when that path challenges us, or poses obstacles. In the end, our intuition has our best interests at heart. Now is the time to decolonize our most intimate and trustworthy ally.


In this workshop you will learn how the structures of the dominant culture participate in colonizing our intuition, how to use mediation to reconnect with yourself, and how to use muscle testing as a way to listen to your body.

This workshop was designed for empowering young womxn of color, but the truth is that it is for everyone.


I have presented it at high schools, universities and venues across California.

If you would like to book Decolonize Your Intuition for your space, school, or conference, please email me!