This is a podcast about love
and the struggle 

When you were born, even before birth, you were a part of universal love. You understood love to be as present, and abundant as the air that you breathe now. But as you grew up, as we all grew up, we learned to see love as a limited resource, that we had to earn it, that it was always in high demand and low supply, that it could be taken away as easily as it was given to us by our mothers and fathers, our teachers, our lovers. We came to believe in the maxims that love hurts, love is pain, love will betray us, stab us in the back, and that we might even die from a broken heart. This version of love is just someone else’s story.

The LoveCast is a dialogue with the world about love, not as just a romantic or sexual thing, but as a universal currency. Love is limitless, resilient, healing, and transformative, and just by existing, we are all entitled to an infinite supply. However, so many social, historical, and political factors have made us believe that we are separate from love, when really, we ARE love. Now, more than ever, is the time for us to start the conversation about our need to heal our collective traumas, to re-humanize each other, and to awaken our consciousness, to return to love. Love is radical and it is the catalyst for social justice. Please join us in this in the conversation about making real social change, healing our communities and ourselves, and bringing love back into our everyday lives.

We honor  the teachings of hooks, Freire, Anzaldua, Lorde, Dr. King and many other teachers of love and social justice. We will engage with you at the intersections of Love and education, race, radical beauty, the prison and policing systems, spirituality, and radical ways of being.

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