Healing is Resistance

Healing is a radical act of resistance. Trauma is an oppressor. It can trap us in patterns and belief systems that limit our natural brilliance. It takes courage to stand up to your pain and trauma, and commit to your liberation. Healing ourselves helps heal the whole of humanity and expand our collective consciousness. Whether this is your first step, or your thousandth, thank you for embarking on this sacred journey.

Healing is a journey. And you are here because you are on that journey. No matter what you are experiencing now, or have gone through in the past, no matter where you come from, or what you hold true about yourself, healing is your birthright. Just by being born, you are entitled to a deep connection to unconditional love, learning how to care for and love yourself, and releasing the beliefs and pain that no longer serve you.

Our bodies are energy. When we are ill, in pain, or feeling stuck, we can use many tools to aid in our healing, but if we don’t engage our ailments on a spiritual, emotional, or energetic level, we will never get to the root of our issues. I have experienced unparalleled healing and transformation and I want to do this for everyone. Crystals of Altamira was created to catalyze transformation in others through radical healing and love, so that my clients can go back to their communities and help raise the vibration of everyone around them. When we are healed and whole, and filled with love, no one can keep us captive. And so the healing of humankind begins with the individual, with you.