A Quick Exercise To Reconnect With Your Dreams!

When I use the word dream, what I really mean are those visions you have had for yourself that lie somewhere in between an urge, a wish, and a desire.

These dreams are urges because you feel a pull toward them from inside your body. It is a pull that doesn’t come from the conscious mind, so it may not even make sense to you why you want it.

These dreams are also wishes because they don’t yet exist in your reality. They live in a timeline of that only exists outside of the physical domain. A wish is a vision that you want to see come to fruition in your physical world, but for the time being, it exists only in your consciousness.

These dreams are also desires because you WANT them. You feel a lust, a yearn for them to come near, to happen to you. When you think about them, you can imagine clearly what they would feel like, how your life would be if they were real.

When you encounter a dream like this you are actually encountering a part of your own soul. If these dreams were not of you, you would not want them so badly. Consider a career that you would never want to do- a plumber, a coroner, an actor, a captain of a ship, a preschool teacher (sorry pre-k teachers! You’re work is not for everyone!). You know that this is not for you because you don’t feel the pull, the lust, the vision for it. Really focus on that feeling of mismatch. It’s not even that you don’t specifically want those jobs; it’s that you never even considered them, because they aren’t a part of you. This feeling is subtle but important to recognize, and know when you feel it.

Now think of a career you have always been drawn to, something you would love to try, something that you could see yourself doing. These careers, whether you have done them in real life or not, are in the range of possibility for your life because they are for you and of you.

Steps to Reconnect With Your Dreams

  1. Think about the big ideas or themes that you have been drawn to in your life. Maybe it has been in the arts, or a specific job, or living in a specific city. It doesn’t have to make sense to your conscious mind. Just focus on the feeling of the pull, the power of the wish, and the sensation of desire.

  2. Choose one to focus on that you never pursued. Why? Make a list of all of the reasons why you never pursued them- not enough time, money, risk of failure, etc.

  3. Lets trace the family tree of those reasons. For example, let’s say you have always wanted to make art, but never did. What reason comes to mind that prevented you from making art? Who or what first presented you with this idea that you should not pursue it?

  4. Denying yourself the opportunity to explore a dream is self-abandonment. What does it feel like when you abandon your dream? What does it feel like in your body? Describe the experience. What emotions are present when you feel this self abandonment?

  5. Now focus back on the feeling of the pull, the resonant feeling of this dream. Using your intuition, name 3 things you could do today that engender this feeling of the pull. Choose one that is doable, and do it!When you choose to go in the direction of the pull, you a. Raise your vibrational state of being and become a match for things that have the same higher frequency, b. Tell the Universe what state of being you prefer- one that brings you satisfaction vs. one that feels like self-abandonment.

Keep making these small decisions toward the feeling of the pull. This is the path to the bigger dreams, that have chosen you to be the landing pad. When you choose to say yes to your dreams, you live in the purposes of this lifetime. You enhance the world, just by being you and saying yes.

Imagine if every person listened to the pull.