FAQ & Things To Know

Akashic Records//ThetaHealing//Reiki

Akashic Record Readings

1. What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of your soul’s journey throughout time.  They contain the information of past lives, your path through this lifetime, and the infinite future possibilities that lay before you. Each person has an Akashic Record and your records want to give you the information that you need to learn who you are, heal old wounds, and empower you to live your greatest life. 

2. How did you learn to read the Akashic Records?

I am  certified by the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies. Please see www.akashicstudies.com for more information on the certification process.

3. Is this the same as a psychic reading?

An Akashic Record reading may seem like a psychic reading on the surface, however, it is not. An Akashic Record reading is healing, empowering and enlightening. Where as psychic reading may give you surface level information about the here and now, an Akashic Record reading is meant to get to the very heart of your matters. In a reading you will gain insight and clarity into your most limiting beliefs and patterns, understand the root cause and often learn how to move past them. The Akashic Records concern themselves with helping you transform your life!

4. Are the readings confidential?

Yes, all of the information in your reading is kept confidential.

5. Can I record my reading?

Usually yes. Ask about recording before your session. Please feel free to take notes. 

What to expect in a reading

    Your reading will begin with a sacred prayer with your name in order to vibrationally and energetically open your records. When you hear “the records are now open” your reading will begin. You can ask questions or talk about your particular issue that you want to understand better.

When the time is over, your reader will close your records.

      An Akashic Record reading is intended to be a healing, dignifying and elevating experience. If you feel like you are not resonating or connecting with me or the information coming through, talk to me. I truly  have your best interest at heart and will do whatever Ican to provide you with a positive and fulfilling experience.

Some things to know

  •  No two readers read the same and there are different ways to receive the records therefore each reading will be different! The reading I give you, may be completely different from a reading from another Akashic practitioner. Each reading reflects the unique relationship that develops between reader and client.

  • Akashic Record readings are not designed to give you hard facts, dates, names or places. If you are seeking facts or wish to receive facts in order to validate the authenticity of the reader or the practice of Akashic Record reading, then this is not the best type of reading for you. When you come for a reading you invest your time and money, just as the reader invests their time and energy. We want you to have a high quality experience, so please understand this before booking an appointment.

  • The future is not set in stone and we each possess the power of choice and will. Each of us has infinite paths and possibilities before us. When you ask about the future in your reading, your reader will relay the highest probable outcome. If that outcome is unfulfilled it can mean others involved, such as yourself have made different choices to change the course of that possibility so you can always reopen your records to see what has changed. Please note there is no promise that future possibilities will fall into exact accord.


What is ThetaHealing?

 ThetaHealing is an healing technique that uses meditation to transform and remove limiting beliefs, heal the emotional and physical bodies, and help you transform into your best you.  By doing a meditation, both practitioner and client go into a theta brainwave making them both receptive to the healing energy and conditional love of the Creator of all that is.  ThetaHealing exists on the belief that the body, its ailments, and issues are physical manifestations of one’s beliefs, both conscious and subconscious.  The practice of ThetaHealing involves finding the core belief, where it came from, and removing it from the body so the client can flourish without the limitations of those beliefs. To find out more, visit www.thetahealing.com


What to expect in a ThetaHealing session

   In a ThetaHealing session, the practitioner helps the client find the issues that they are struggling with and looks for core beliefs tied to the issues and removes them energetically.  ThetaHealing sessions are done sitting in chairs, facing one another. The practitioner may hold the hand of the client during the healing.

    A ThetaHealing session can be very intense both emotionally and energetically.  It is advised that you contact the practitioner ahead of time either by phone or email before booking a session.


Some things to know

  •  ThetaHealing is a powerful energetic healing technique but it does not and should not take the place of medical diagnosis or treatment.   If you are seeking healing for a physical condition or ailment, we advise you to follow the treatment of your doctor.

  • The results and outcomes of a healing session vary by person. There are no guarantees that a session will heal your issue.