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The Intuition Rebellion is upon us!

An Intuition Rebellion is called for at this moment- a return to our bodies as vessels of wisdom, a remembering of our innate abilities to measure what resonates, and a reckoning with an oppressive social structure that thrives on our intuitive disconnection. 

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The Akashic Records want you to have all the information and support that you need to understand and shift your most limiting beliefs, patterns, relationships and traumas. It's an opportunity to know your soul level truth, and understand how incredibly beautiful and powerful you are. 


Let’s bring the conversation out of social media and academia, into real life, and create a sacred space where we can grapple with how each of us has an important role in decoloniality.

This workshop was designed for empowering young womxn of color, but the truth is that it is for everyone.

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anywhere in the United States. 

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